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Dan Karlsen, Chalone Winery, Soledad, CA, details the Organoleptic benefits of their Oenoflow Crossflow System. ""Sometimes you need to let go of preconceived ideas and go with what tastes better". He and his assistants did several blind tastings of wine processed with different filter equipment. Karlsen reports that the 2001 Chalone red wines that were cross-flow filtered simply tasted better. DE or pad filters, Karlsen notes, can introduce other flavors, such as mustiness or paper taste, and too much pad or DE filtering strips the wine of its flavor, weakening the structure and taste. The PALL Oenoflow crossflow filter did not produce the same results".

Recreating Chalone Vineyard, Practical Winery & Vineyard, Nov/Dec 2003

Cellar Dweller Requirements:

Cellar Dwellers equipment is delivered to site in an enclosed trailer. A level cement pad, and space to maneuver and park a pick up truck and 24 ft trailer combination is required. A fork lift is not typically required as the units are on wheels, and roll in and out of our trailers. However, a clear, level path from the trailer unloading area to the site where the equipment will be operated is required, or a method to move the equipment from the loading zone to the operation zone.

Utilities Required: Cellar Dweller uses various plug types, amperages and voltages depending on our equipment. In most cases, our equipment can use several different plug types and voltages.

460V 3 phase (30 Amp) – Plug type 430R7W

While Cellar Dwellers personnel do have electrical experience, our insurance requires that electrical installations be performed by licensed electricians hired by the winery. We can provide a certified electrician on a consultative basis, but require prior notice. (see our Cellar Hand Service section for details) We will provide appropriate plugs to wineries to operate our equipment, either as a loaner or for sale.

Clean, hot water, 60C +, up to 375 liters per cleaning, depending on unit.

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