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stars equipment

The Benefits of STARS

Gentler on Wine Aromatics than Traditional Cold Stabilization

Significantly Reduced Energy Usage

Reduced Wine Loss

Ability to Achieve Exact Tartrate Removal on a Timely Basis

Reduced Refrigeration Needs Leads Capital Savings

stars equipment

STARS Unit 1 – Selective Tartrate Removal System - Eurodia

Traditional Tartrate Stabilization is typically performed by chilling wine to below 0C, and possibly seeding tartrate crystals with the addition of Cream of Tartar. This method is energy consuming, leads to wine loss when racking wine of off settled tartrates, and leads to loss of aromatics in wine.

Often, waiting for cold stabilization to complete leads to scheduling issues, especially for wineries who have inadequate refrigeration, and use mobile bottling services. Many small Okanagan wineries depend on outside chilling due to the capital cost of installing refrigeration. Mother Nature doesnâ•˙t always provide timely cold periods in order for cold stabilization to be completed. STARS allows for single pass, exact tartrate stabilization, making scheduling a much easier task.

Cellar Dweller Mobile Filter Services provides STARS on a mobile basis for both tartrate stabilization and to reduce the ph of wine. STARS uses highly selective ionic membranes and a weak electrical field to remove the specific components that cause tartrate precipitation. STARS is exact, removing only the specific amount of ionic salts needed for stabilization. STARS requires no refrigeration. Our system can process up to 2400 lph.

Electrodialysis for wine processing was co-developed by INRA, the French Nation Argronomic Research Institute, and Eurodia Industrie.

The STARS system operator uses STABILAB to determine the conductivity reduction required for each individual wine. The test is run at a predetermined temperature and determines the relationship between temperature and conductivity of the untreated and saturated wine. The STARS unit measures the conductivity of the treated wine in real time to ensure achieving the level of stability required.

We require wine be filtered prior to being treated with our STARS system. The use of our mobile Pall Oenoflow Crossflow Microfiltration Systems is an excellent pretreatment step.



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