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Lesia Wood Robert Kwakernaak

"We love crossflow, the wines are tasting great, we have been using it for 2 years and have not found anything else that we would change to at this time.

Your service and reliability are top notch, our staff and I are pleased to be working with Cellar Dweller."

Karen Gillis ~ Winemaker
Red Rooster


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Cellar Hand Services/Operators

Cellar Dweller's trained operators are available on a consultative basis to assist your winery during peak periods, personnel changes, crush, and during vacations. We can also provide operation, or training with existing winery filtration equipment such as RVDF, Crossflow, DE and Plate and Frame filter systems. We offer two certified sommeliers to assist in blending, identifying and correcting wine faults, in order to ensure you produce the best quality possible. We can also offer personnel who are licensed in electrical and heavy equipment operation.

Our charge for our consultative cellar hands is $47.50/hr, plus travel expenses, with a 4 hr. minimum charge.

David Lisle has several years of experience as a lead cellar hand. He worked for several years at Mt.Boucherie Estate Winery, where he did all aspects of winery operations, including running a bottling line. He also worked for Lang Family Estate Winery as an acting winemaker, taking them through the 2012 vintage to completion of bottling. Dave has experience in completing all the logistics of bottling, including ordering glass and labels, making sure wines are ready for bottling, and scheduling mobile operators.

Murray Fonteyne is a certified electrician, and has a Winery Assistant Certificate from Okanagan College. Murray worked at Intersection Winery as a cellar hand and also assisted with their electrical needs. Murray owns and operates his own vineyard, and has strong experience in viticulture practices.

Benjamin Isaksen has a Winemaking Certificate from UC Davis, and has a BSc of Biochememistry with Wine Option from UBC-Okanagan, and experience as vineyard/winery assistant at Osoyoos Larose and Sumac Ridge. Ben has the ability to both assist in viticulture practices, as well as assisting in completing all the necessary lab work required from harvest through to bottling. Ben also has a Sommelier Certificate, and can assist on taste panels to fine tune wines, and assist in identifying and correcting wine faults.

Pat Gaudet has a WSU Oenology Certificate. As well, Pat is a certified Sommelier. He has experience operating a variety of heavy equipment, and has a Class 1 license. Pat worked as a cellar hand at Tinhorn Creek Winery, with primary responsibility as a lab technician. Pat’s experience and continued interest as a Sommelier can assist on taste panels to fine tune wines, and assist in identifying and correcting wine faults. His class 1 license and heavy machinery experience allows him to legally and safely operate a variety of heavy equipment and vehicles.


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